Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think

What You Need To Know About How Athletes Should Sleep

Athletes should sleep as much as they should and this is because there are a few benefits that are attached to they are sleeping and you should get to know about this advantages. You can really be surprised and shocked at hearing about the benefits that athletes get when they have slept as much as they should and you are about to hear about this benefits right now. It is very important for every kind of an athlete out there to get as much sleep as he or she can regardless of whether the athlete is a runner or a footballer. Regardless of what to do as an athlete, once you have slept well you can be sure that you will get increased speed when you have gone to the field to do what it is that you do and this is the first benefit that you should learn about as an athlete who gets to sleep and have enough sleep.

It is important to know that there was a reason study that was done on basketball players that showed that they were supposed to be sleeping for two extra hours each and every night and they were supposed to do this for a couple of months and not just one or two months. According to what the study showed after it was conducted on basketball players who were told to sleep two extra hours every single night for a couple of nights, basketball players were able to increase the speed up to five percent while they were playing. There is an accuracy improvement with athletes once they have slept as much sleep as they should.

The study that was conducted on the basketball players that we have talked about above this article was also able to show something else other than the increase of speed which is that there was also an improvement of accuracy when it came to free throws and this improvement was actually up to nine percent. Athletes also have better reactions when they have slept well. Wondering that you should know about yourself as an athlete is that reactions are very important depending on your competition or also depending on your sport.

What sleep deprivation does is that it damages your reaction time and this is something that is totally and completely true. There can be reduction of your reaction time by up to three hundred percent because of a night without getting any sleep as an athlete. Your reaction times could actually be way worse than if you were actually drunk with alcohol of you are experiencing fatigue. Twenty two hours without sleep as an athlete is actually the same as taking for drinks of alcohol.

There will be a reduced risk of injury if you actually sleep well as an athlete. Your career as an athlete can be significantly damaged by injuries if you get any of them. As an athlete, it is not wise to keep on recovering from one injury to another as this is not healthy and neither is it affordable by you.

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