Tips to Rent a Car without Burning Pocket

In the pick seasons, car renting can make an extra burden to your pocket. The vacation season is one of them. The demand of renting car gets so high that you may have to pay much costlier price. Here are some tips so that you can avoid this extra pressure and feel good while in a vacation trip.

Full Tank Fuel Policy

When you are renting a car, the rental company generally offers two types of fuel policies. Such as “full to empty” and “full to full” policy. In the first policy, you are given a full tank of fuel at the picking up of car. And they charge for the fuel instantly. It may seem good, but remember the price they charge for the fuel is much higher than the market price of fuel.

In the second option, you are given a full tank of fuel and they do not charge for that. The condition is when you returning the car, you have to maintain the full tank fuel. This is good policy. You are buying the fuel you burnt and at price in petrol pump. So it is clear that full to full policy will save some bucks for you.

Do not Use Credit Card to Rent Car

Credit card has no limit to some extent. So if some extra fees gets generated it will automatically deducts your money. It is better to use debit card or cash payment to be more secure. But the problem is not all the car rental companies allow you rent car with debit card. If some do, they will ask for a deposit amount. Look for the company allow renting car with debit card and does not apply any deposit money. You find “cash car rentals near me” to have such car rentals. The relevant results will be in front of you to choose from.

Free Cancelation

Book those car rent deal charges on cancellation fees up to 48 hours ahead of picking up the car. In that way, you can book a cheap deal early in the year and easily cancel it if a better deal found. Not all the car renting company offers you this opportunity. So read everything before you book a car for your holiday journey. You will not have to regret later on.

Do not Add Extra Drivers

Adding a second driver can put extra charges. So register only one driver during the whole journey to save money. But some company even allows you to put extra driver for free. If you get that chance, add extra driver. It will reduce the stress and boringness of driving the long time.

Do not Get Fooled by Ratings

Ratings say everything if they are genuine. But unfortunately, some companies may frame it to make you fool. So do not decide anything depending upon just the ratings. See other things and facts and decide if it is really good deal or not.

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