Tips for long-term car storage

Usually, we are very connected to our vehicles. Unfortunately, sometimes we must say farewell to them for a certain amount of time, be it going abroad for work or, perhaps, moving to another country. It is never wise to leave your car just like it was before. There are several steps that you should follow in order to make sure that everything is okay with your vehicle once you return to it. Here are some tips and tricks for long-term car storage.

Long-term car storage

There is one important rule for car storage. You must never leave it just like that. First of all, make sure that your fuel tank is always full. If you leave it empty, there is a slight possibility that it might catch some rust. You never want to have rust in your fuel tank, so make sure to fill it completely before leaving it for long-term car storage. Also, make sure to empty the fuel tank if you plan to store the car for more than 12 months. The fuel will be useless afterwards, but it will serve as a good protection for your car machinery.

There are plenty of valuable lessons to be learned when long-term car storage is concerned. For example, you should thoroughly wax your car before leaving it in a car storage area. Why wax the car? To protect it from dirt, grease, debris and all other hazards that might affect your car. It’s always better to be safe than sorry; by waxing your car before storage, you won’t have to worry about any of the aforementioned problems.

Tips and tricks

There are lots of tips and tricks for safely storing a car for a long time. Some of them you probably already know about, but we learn something new every day! Here are some of the key elements of a great and easy long-term car storage!

Covering the car – Most people simply cover their cars with a tarp or a sheet. This is a bad idea. Most materials do not provide enough breathability for the car. For example, if moisture gets in between the cover and the car, chances are it will damage the metal and the paint. You don’t want a rusty car, do you? Cover it with materials specially designed for covering cars.

Figure 1 Sometimes, there’s no better protection from the environment than simply covering your car. Alt text: A covered car.

  • Clean and clear the car – This is especially important for the interior. While some stuff inside the car can last decades without any signs of damage, some things can’t. Clean the car thoroughly for any debris and dispose of any material which might melt or rot in the heat. Also, make sure to never leave any food inside the car before storing it. You won’t be able to get rid of the smell for days.
  • Don’t use the brakes – This might sound odd, but you should not use the brakes for long-term car storage. Why? Because the handle of the brake might fuse with the interior of the wheel, thus making both parts unsafe to use. Use a wheel chock or anything else that might prevent your car from moving. In any case, find a good place to park the car. Staford has quality storage facilities for rent, so you might start there if you live close by!
  • Plug all car holes – By this we mean the tailpipe and any possible hole the car might have. Some insects or pests might want to find a new home and your stored car might be the perfect place for them! Be very careful to not allow this to happen. Also, if you plug everything, it will all be in the same order as you left it before. It takes a few minutes to do so, but the difference can be immense!

Pick the appropriate parking spot

Of course, you can always leave the car in front of your home, but it might cause problems to simply be left there. You can also find a good spot to park the car there, but how to do it? There are some moving companies and professional movers like Moving Kings NC and others who can help you with that. Simply give them a few calls and you will get some good advice and/or perfect locations. Most of such companies deal with storing cars as well, so they might be able to help you with everything!

Figure 2 It’s hard to resist parking your car in such a beautiful location. Alt text: A parking garage with sunlight beautifully bursting in.

Now, a perfect parking spot would be the place where you can leave your car and find it in the same place you left it. There are professional people who store cars for a living. Everything around the area is secure and there are guards and cameras everywhere. No one would dare steal or damage your car if you leave it in the hands of the professionals. You will always have this option if you ever feel insecure or unsafe about the parking issue. Sometimes, picking the appropriate parking spot is equivalent to letting the professionals pick it for you.

What else?

Whether you have decided to leave the car in the hands of the professionals, or simply in front of your porch, you must always be prepared for the long-term storage process. The tips and tricks are useful, but most people don’t think about possible damage from nature which your car certainly wouldn’t enjoy. Rain, snow, hail, everything affects your car in one way or the other. Unless you drive a Samsung electrical automobile, you should avoid sun as well. Paintjobs are expensive and car repairs are sometimes simply not worth it. To avoid all of that, you can simply take a few measures before and protect your vehicle from damage. It is not as hard as it seems, you only need to follow our short guide and you will be perfectly safe!

Figure 3 Sometimes the damage is huge! Alt text: A corroded oldtimer.

General thoughts

Long-term car storage can sometimes be more difficult than it seems. First of all, you are probably used to your vehicle being with you all the time. The bad part is that you won’t be seeing it anytime soon. But, you can make sure that everything is still just the way it was before you’ve put your vehicle in a storage facility. Always keep everything under control and both your wallet and your car will be grateful to you!

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