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Impact of Technology on Dementia Patients
They help them in doing what they can and also what they cant. Also, it is of importance not to isolate these patients from other people so that their loved ones can control the gadgets they use here’s more on this blog.

Technology that is used to help dementia patients can be of help since it guides them a lot. This can be evident in terms of communication. The gadgets they use for their communication should be available so that the can be able to connect with their loved ones during the day or night. Alarms may remind them the time, a particular activity they may be willing to do and many others. They can be installed to sense danger for the dementia patients so that they can stay alert. This is to let the dementia parents know when their loved ones are going out or even when they are coming back.

Some dummies should be kept in homes to facilitate them in getting what they want and also keeping them motivated. People who are trained in taking care of such people should be considered. They should be willing to help the patients even on their recovery process. When some love and extra care is shown on to the patient then it even helps them feel motivated and again at the right place. This helps them to be able to know their relatives. This helps them to recognize the family members easily, regular visitors and for that matter a stranger who may pop into the house.

The time by which they are to be used should be in mind of the loved ones so they can be able to set for them. Some things like cookers, fridges, microwaves and even turning on and off of the lights should be monitored. Like the microwave it is easier for the family members to set the microwave for warming their food. If CCTV cameras are available, then they can be connected even to the workplaces of the relatives so that they can be able to follow what they do. On the other hand, dementia parents should be provided with phones that they can be able to operate. Once the phone can record phone calls then it becomes easier for the dementia patient to be able to listen to them now and then and get familiar with them. On the phone again the keypads should be large and also be able to produce a sound to let the dementia parents identify what they have pressed.

All in all dementia parents should be provided with technological support they need to keep them motivated.

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