2020 Nissan X-Trail Pricing and Specs

It’s a new decade and with it comes new models of impressive vehicles. This year Nissan continues its line with the new 2020 X-Trail. So what about the new model’s specifications makes it a leader for the new decade? What is the price you expect to find this vehicle at? Good questions to ask.

Under the bonnet, you can find a 4-cylinder petrol automatic engine with 226Nm of torque and 126kW of power. Surrounding this engine is a large car that offers 565 liters of boot space capacity with the seats up and when down you can manage a spacious 1,996 liters. 19-inch alloy wheels keep this vehicle moving with a shine.

The interior seats up to 5 people, perfect for families and friends and coupled with the boot space it creates an ideal trip vehicle. Inside the X-Trail feels new with a wireless multi-functional display that connects through Bluetooth for Apple and Android. The Nissan 2020 X-Trail earned a 5-star safety rating through its design and advanced safety features, also comes with a 5-years warranty.

To pick up one of these vehicles you will end up paying $31,890 for the base model. If you are looking for the most expensive model then the cost sits at $48,340. There are both automatic and manual transmission variants. You can find the new Nissan X-Trail in Perth through a Nissan dealership soon.

Is Nissan x trail a good vehicle?

The Nissan X-Trail has won an award for being the world’s best selling SUV and has been in manufacturing for almost two decades. Earning appraisal from critiques and being awarded a 5-star ANCAP rating is another of its accomplishments. So what about it made the vehicle such a hit for the drivers.

One major note is that the Nissan X-Trail has been priced fairly compared to some other SUVs’ you can find. Newer models for vehicles can cost up to $60,000 so when the new release of a good vehicle is just over ⅔ of the price of other new vehicles while still offering an excellent experience it is easy to see why it is loved. This is not just a new thing though as that is how its been and why it earned the best selling SUV award.

On the inside of each model, you will find the latest technology of that time period. With the technology of today being so efficient and useful, it’s no wonder why it is enjoyable to drive. To Nissan though the main part of a car is the driver so that is why they have been creating vehicles that easily reach that 5-star ANCAP and are stocked with safety accessories.

How many miles to the gallon does a Nissan X Trail do?

The Nissan X-Trail has an efficient engine which is important in modern times. For the 2019 model, you can find it is capable of 7.9L/100km of fuel consumption. In miles to gallons, this is 29miles to a gallon. This is also the same for the 2020 variant as Nissan wants to make sure that the vehicle is affordable for both the purchase and after you leave the dealership.

How much is a Nissan x trail 2019?

The 2019 Nissan X-trail has done a very good job and will continue doing so for years to come. With the hype of the new Nissan 2020 X-Trail people are wondering if they can get the vehicle for cheaper. The models have come down in price so why not take advantage and look at getting a Nissan X-Trail in Perth from a Nissan dealership.

The cheapest model for the 2019 X-Trail is as little as $23,000 for an X-Trail ST (2WD). On the expensive end is the Nissan X-Trail Ti (4WD) TAN TRIM for $54,990. That’s an impressive cost for only a 1-year-old model.

So if you are interested then head over to a Nissan dealership to look for a Nissan X-Trail Perth and book a test drive today.

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