When you are looking for auto transport from California to Nevada for shipping your car, there are two ways of doing it: open or enclosed trailer. Open vehicle shipping uses open trucks usually between 75 and 80 feet in length and it hauls a two-level trailer. There are no sides and roof on the trailer, so the vehicles are at risk of damage all the time. Though, open trailers are cheaper, but vehicles when transported using open trailers are prone to damage due to theft, weather and other such aspects. On the other hand, enclosed vehicle shipping trucks have fully enclosed trailer with a roof and four sides and it provides a safe and secure environment for your vehicle When it comes to choosing the mode of auto transport from California to Nevada or any other destination, enclosed trailers are often considered as better alternative to open trailers for many reasons:

  • When you are shipping highly prized vehicles, classic vehicles, antiques, luxury or expensive sports cars, it is wise to choose for enclosed vehicle shipping as it assures superior level of security and protection. It protects your vehicle from debris that may get kicked up on the road and damage your vehicle and keep your car safe from elements like wind, rain, dirt & snow.

  • It also safeguards it from the damages due to weather changes. From apples to autos, enclosed carrier trailers are regarded as safe and secured way of transporting anything.

  • Enclosed vehicle shipping keeps your vehicle completely hidden from the earths. With an enclosed trailer, you don’t need to worry about your vehicle being presented to any slightest damage. Most enclosed carrier trailers are capable of pulling one to seven auto at once.

  • Enclosed trailers are completely locked and protected, so they assure better sense of privacy as other drivers or other people outside cannot see what is being hauled.

Some of the disadvantages of choosing enclosed vehicle shipping are that they cost much more than open trailers as they need extra gear to secure the vehicle. Also, drivers are not able to make routine inspections of the vehicles during transit. Fully enclosed transport are usually much more expensive than its open-air counterpart.

While choosing between open air and enclosed models of shipping your car, you can consider the amount of security you need for your vehicle.

When the cars are transported through enclosed trailers, it is recommended to look for companies using nylon straps or wheel nets to instead of chains to secure their vehicles. Some companies use put chain over car’s axle, which often put a lot of strain on car, especially if they are over tightened.

If you are looking for auto transport service to move any antique or collector’s car or new or expensive car, it is good to act cautiously by choosing a fully-enclosed trailer to move your vehicle. On the other hand, if you have a slightly older model vehicles, the open trailer is appropriate for your needs.

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