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All that You Should Know about Web Design

Web design is the creation of electronic web pages to be accessed through the internet as a website. Several visual elements are used in web designing. These elements include layout, color and graphics.

Layout is the maintenance of balance, consistency and integrity of the design which helps viewers of the website to find the information they want at a glance. The range of colors used in a website can be simple and web-safe depending on the owner or the viewers of the website. Graphics are the images and pictures are used to enhance user friendliness in a website. Fonts are also used to enhance a website. All the components of a website are its content.

A website is a collection of related web pages which are orderly laid out. A web designer is person or a company that specializes in commercial development of websites. Some people operate singly as web designers on small scale basis. Different types of websites include law websites such as attorney websites and DC law firm website Web designers include user experience designers and general web designers.

For a website to be popular to the end users, the following factors are considered; navigation, multimedia, compatibility, technology and interactivity. Navigation is the arrangement of browsing tools in the website and should help the user to easily move around the website and assist them to efficiently find the information they need.

Relevant audio and video in a website makes up the multimedia of that website and are used to encourage visitors to spend more time in a website. Web designers should therefore develop websites which are viewable from different web browsers and machines such as mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers using various operating system platforms such as Android operating system, Linux, windows and Unix. Use of new technology has resulted to fresh, dynamic and professional websites which are lively and fun to interact with unlike the old static web page websites of the past. An interactive website enables user participation by adding comment textboxes and opinions polls for the user to give their opinions and feedback.

Tools required for web development include text editors such as sublime text or adobe dream weaver, webservers such as wamp and xampp servers and a computer. web designers develop websites and take it through the various for the end users to be able to view it on the internet. Web design is a growing industry which evolving and expanding every day. Web designing is taught in schools, colleges and various private institutions Websites are good for advertising due to their wide coverage something which compels many companies to opt for websites.

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