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Signs and Symptoms of a Heroin Addict During the Withdrawal Period

In the world we are in, there is a wide range of illegal drugs where the number of users are recorded to slowly increase on a daily basis despite them being illegal and a good example of the drug we have is heroin.
Comparing the use of heroin to the use of a drug such as marijuana or cocaine, heroin has been able to outshine both of them having a high number of users depending on the drug and this is because the drug effects of heroin are better off and powerful.

Once one takes the drug, becoming an addicting is fast and depending on the drug user, the signs and symptoms of this drug addiction will tend to vary.
Some of the signs and symptoms of a heroin addict during the withdrawal period include the following.

Being a heroin withdrawal victim means that you are not taking this drug as before and that being the case, you may tend to lack your usual normal appetite and in most cases when you eat, you will end up vomiting a lot, a sign to be expected during the withdrawal period.

Once you take in heroin, the drug quickly gets into your blood and stimulates your whole body making you to be hyper and more productive that before the drug consumption and once you get used to this hyper feeling, lack of the drug will cause an itchy feeling making you to feel like scratching your whole body every now and then until you consume the drug again.

Challenge in Making Decisions
Heroin is a drug that is well known and used because of the quick response in stimulating the brain to enable you make a decision much easier especially if you are under stressing situations and once you get used to taking the drug, it will be quite hard for you to continue to making decisions if you lack the drug; a proof to indicate that you are a heroin addict.

Memory Loss
Most of us love to use heroin because it’s a good choice of drug to help you improve your decision making ability through improved brain stimulation and once you get used to the drug, making decisions on your own tends to be a challenge and this is based on the frequent memory loss that will be experienced once you become an addict.

Deflated Pupils
Once you take the drug and it quickly responds to your brain, your whole body will be stimulated and you can easily tell if one is a heroin withdrawal victim through their constricted pupils, an effect of consuming the drug at a high rate which at times may cause eye sight problems.
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