Literature: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Elements of a Noble Author

Again, a writer can be defined as a person who transcribes scripts and anything else related to writing. They can either be motivational, educative or even spiritual books. This is done during one’s free time or professionally.

You must be dedicated to this work of writing. This will help you hit your target of the number of books you want to write, and again the time you will take in writing them. Be sure of what you want to bring out to the reader. At least take your time and understand what the other books are talking about so that you can be able to create a better idea from then and even more than theirs. This will greatly help you become a better writer in future. The story you write should be very interesting and eye-catching to the reader.

Again, a good writer should be patient. When you write your book, be ready for it to take time for it to be published and get in the market. Patience pays whenever the results are out. You should be organized to writing and not only that but to everything you arise each day to perform. In this, take writing as a job that you will work on daily. Writing should be an activity that is to be taken as a burden that you must attend to. Engage yourself for typing lessons you can ease your work. You should at least ease your work by typing on a computer than being on a pen always. This saves you time.

On the other hand, a good writer should have ambition. Again you should have the passion of watching as many movies as possible to build up your writing spirit. This means that you should not leave your readers in a dilemma of what happened after that. Let it be clear to the reader and easy to understand. Line after line you should be able to follow how the events happen after the other. Avoid using vague language that may lead to misunderstanding. The type of language used should favour the age addressed to. You should be able to understand from the writers why that particular writing has favoured you and again if it is against, find a solution to it. This is very challenging, but again it is of significance since it helps you to be able to rectify yourself where you may have gone wrong.

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