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Facts On Virginia Moonshine

It can be said that Virginia moonshine was discovered in 1620 by Rev. George Thorpe. It was probably already being taken in the area but he was the first to write of it during the colonist era. Virginia moonshine is made of un aged corn and is a good whiskey at has been around since then. It is definitely a beloved whiskey in this region. Find below some details on Virginia moonshine.

There was a lot of resistance against this whiskey sometime in the 1920s where most distillers were forced to abandon its processing while others yet still decided to go underground and produce it against the law. This involved a lot of skill and hide and seek games with the law enforcement but somehow the whiskey continued to thrive even under the circumstances. Virginia moonshine then had a comeback in the 1980s when it became legalized and it is currently enjoying a huge market space in the region and beyond. The prices and quality has definitely improved by far since its rebirth and there is a lot of growth since then.

Is it safe to take it? This whiskey is a fresh corn whiskey that is absolutely safe. Virginia moonshine is processed, fermented and distilled twice to ensure its safety. The same has been authorized by the regulatory bodies in Virginia and all the safety regulations have been upheld.

A business partner of Miller known as Smith stared in a show known as the Moonshiners which brought this whiskey to the public eye. What this show did is that it brought out Virginia moonshine by making stills of the whiskey and showing people how they do it. This guy, Smith and his friends have also been made a celebrities because of this show and they call themselves ‘shiners’.

At the beginning, Smith was doing this illegally because he learnt the art from his father and took on the mantle. Smith soon partnered with Miller and legalized his business as he sells his version of the whiskey he calls Climax Moonshine after his hometown. Because of the show, Smith was now a celebrity and could become a movie actor but he said that this was not what he wanted. His goal was to market this whiskey and show that it is safe for people to drink.

The show helped to show that Moonshine can now be trusted because it is not what it was before, dangerous and illegal. This whiskey has now gained popularity because people have begun to trust it. The fact that this whiskey was once dangerous makes it something people want to try out because of the story behind it.

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